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ConfigChecker - Install Guide


Installation of ConfigChecker is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Create a new directory wherever you want
  • Unzip the contents of configchecker.zip into this new directory
  • Ensure that the environment variable JAVA_HOME points to an existing JRE 1.6.x (or later version) directory (e.g. c:/programs/java1.6.0_041/jre)
  • Generate a shell script that enables invocation of ConfigChecker from any directory (see below)

To learn about how to start ConfigChecker see Usage.

Start Script Shell Generator

There is a little utility program bundled with ConfigChecker called Start Script Shell Generator. The purpose of this tool is to generate a shell script (according to the current operating system) that allows to run ConfigChecker from everywhere in the system without being forced to change the current path or explicitly specify a classpath or modify any environment variables.

To use it just run:
java -jar pf-sssgen.jar -f configchecker.jar
(under Windows you also can use the sssgen.bat instead)
This generates a run.bat or run.sh depending on the operating system.

To get help about the start parameters of Start Script Shell Generator just call it without any parameter.