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ConfigChecker - History of Changes

Version 2.2.0

New features:

  • ConfigChecker now returns at the end of execution a code to the OS that can be used in shell scripts for selecting further processing.
    0 All ok. No failures and no errors occurred.
    1 Execution ok. Check detected failures.
    2 Execution ok. Check detected errors.
    3 No execution. Usually insufficient or wrong start parameters.
  • At the end of execution the result is written to the stdout console: Assertions: xxx, Failures: yyy, Errors: zzz
  • New pre-defined standard variable CONFIGCHECKER_VERSION which contains the current version of ConfigChecker.
  • New attributes are supported in all assertion (AssertXXX) commands:
    Is used to specify the name of a variable to which the assertion result (true|false) will be assigned
    Used together with attribute resultVar to specify the scope of the variable ("local" is default, "global" must explicitly be specified.
    Can be set to one of the following values
    all : Neither error nor failure will be reported
    failure : The failure of the assertion will not be reported
    error : An error during the assertion will not be reported
  • A new command-line option -html allows to automatically create an HTML report from the produced XML report. However, this option requires that an XML report file was generated (option -o must be set) and that a valid XSL stylesheet has been defined (see option -xsl).
  • Command line parameter -v allows now to specify multiple properties files that will then be loaded from left to right as global variables before starting execution of configchecker instructions. The separator for the filenames is the OS specific path separator (i.e. ':' for Unix and ';' for Windows).
  • New command line parameter -var allows to specify additional variable settings before execution start. These values are set after the properties files specified with -v have been loaded and may override variables with the same name.
  • Instruction <ForFiles> has a new attribute "dirsOnly". It it is set to "true" then instead of all files all directories will be iterated over.


  • Now requires JRE 1.6 or later
  • Now based on pf.jar 5.5.0

Version 2.0

New data source adapter:

  • Databse (not in trial version)
  • WinRegistry (not in trial version)

New assertion commands:

  • AssertMatchAll
  • AssertMatchOneOf

Other features:

  • Supports now <ValueList> as sub-tag of <AssertOneOf>
  • Command <SetFrom> now supports an attribute default
  • New pre-defined variable OS_FAMILY which containes the operating system family (i.e. "windows", "unix", "mac")
  • In <ReportBlock> two new attributes for conditional execution are available: beforeVersion , sinceVersion
  • In the element attribute of commands it is now possible to specify a variable name instead of a data source adapter specific element description path.


  • Now requires JRE 1.5 or later
  • Now based on pf.jar 4.0.1


  • Placeholders in <Value> elements have not been replaced
  • NullPointerException if a cci without instructions file was included
  • Commands AssertMatch, AssertContains, AssertOneOf didn't support the not-attribute
  • Empty settings were not handled correctly
  • Empty tags in XML files were not found
  • Variable LAST_ASSERTION_RESULT was always true for optional="true" if element was not found

Version 1.0

Supported Data Source Adapter:

  • SettingsFile
  • XmlFile
  • HttpdConfFile
  • TextFile
  • FileSystem
  • SettingsObject
  • LdifFile

Supported assertion commands:

  • AssertExistence
  • AssertEquals
  • AssertLess
  • AssertGreater
  • AssertLessOrEqual
  • AssertGreaterOrEqual
  • AssertContains
  • AssertMatch
  • AssertOneOf
  • AssertNewLine

Supported control commands:

  • Include
  • Set
  • SetFrom
  • SetFromFile
  • ReportVariable
  • ReportValue
  • ReportBlock
  • ForEach
  • ForFiles

Supported reports:

  • Minimum XML report that contains only output messages
  • Default XML report with and output section
  • Extended XML report with header, input and output sections
  • Full XML report with header, plug-in list, input and output sections

Other features:

  • Bundle with utility Start Script Shell Generator
  • Automatic location of files inside zipped files
  • Remote access to files via http
  • Variables/Placeholders
  • Automatic authentication
  • Pluggable data source adapters and assertion commands